Intimacy is God’s Best Gift

Have you ever noticed how children are most satisfied when we give them ourselves? Listening ears. Watchful eyes. Full attention. Our interest speaks to them of their value and worth. Our presence assures them of our love and desire to be in relationship with them.

This is the same picture of God with us. God created us to be in relationship with Him. His ears are listening and His eyes are watchful (Psalm 34:15). Through Christ He has redeemed us, restored our relationship with Him, adopted us as His children, and promised us an inheritance (Ephesians 1:3-10).

What love! There is no doubt that God saved us, not because we deserve it, or can earn it, or solely to serve (for He is fully capable on His own), but for love. For relationship. For intimacy.

God sees us as we are and welcomes us into His presence. We don’t have to perform in to order experience intimacy. His love is different than our love. He is closer to us than any other person. By Him we can be fully known. Fully seen. And fully accepted. These are all longings of our soul that can only be met in relationship with God.

What a gift!