Experiencing Security in God

Set a timer for two minutes and make a list of changes you have experienced in your life.

I don’t know about you, but my list could have kept going after those two minutes were done! It often seems to me that just when I’m getting used to something, or finding a good rhythm in life that something changes to disrupt it once again.

Change in life cannot be avoided. People will change. Locations will change. Friendships will change. Even ministry will change. Perhaps you move to a new position within a ministry. Perhaps you move from one ministry to another one. Perhaps you even leave full-time ministry.

If we’re honest, many of these transitions can be painful. Relationship difficulties need time to heal. We struggle with our worth when something of value is taken away. We grieve the loss of something that brought joy and meaning.

While this is all part of life, there is something that can ease the pain of these transitions – intimacy with God. While drawing near to God once these things take place in our lives is good and helpful, it is even better to be close to God before they happen.

The closer you are to God, the more your worth, meaning, hope, and expectation are set in Him and not in the circumstances of your life. The more you follow Him, trust Him, and order your life around Him, the less disoriented you are when everything around you changes.

God alone should be your security in life. Intimacy with Him will provide you with a strong foundation for every change that takes place.


Meditate on these two passages – Psalm 73:23-28, Psalm 62:5-8

Notice what phrases or verses stand out to you. What does God want to say to you through them?

Use the words to form your own prayers that place God as the focus of your life.