Addressing Sin through Relationship

When are you the most open to correction? Most likely it’s when you know someone has your best interest at heart.

When are you willing to consider a perspective that’s different from your own? Usually when you know a person well and trust them.

When are you able to share freely and openly with someone? When they have seen your sin, wounds, and struggles and are still standing beside you and cheering you on.

This is what intimacy looks like. A closeness. A familiarity. A relationship with deep knowledge of the other person. A deep trust.

Intimacy opens our heart – not just to fellowship and enjoyment, but to hard conversations, honesty, and dependence.

This is one reason God roots our relationship in love and intimacy. It sets the context from which He can set to work identifying sin, confronting self, and revealing idols. He doesn’t move away from us and condemn us (Romans 8:1). Instead, He draws near with truth and wisdom that lead to freedom (John 8:31-32).

God is for you (Romans 8:31). He is on your side. Will you draw near to Him, grow in intimacy with Him, and allow Him to set to work changing you for your good and his glory?


Do you think God has your best interest at heart? Why or why not?

Do you trust God’s voice even when it doesn’t make sense? Why or why not?

Do you share freely and openly with God? Why or why not?

Do you feel God’s love and compassion as He identifies sin in your life? Confronts your reliance on self? Reveals idols?