The Benefit of Biblical Meditation

Biblical meditation has the ability to change our attitudes and our perspectives as we allow truth to replace incorrect thoughts and feelings. Let’s take a look at this in the life of the prophet Jeremiah.

We read in Lamentations 3:17-20 Jeremiah’s description of his despair including these words, “My soul is bereft of peace; I have forgotten what happiness is.” Jeremiah had witnessed the fall of Jerusalem and exiles being taken away and was filled with heartache.

He recounted the mental and physical distress that had afflicted him. He told of his wandering around because he had no home or place to live. Everything was bitter, grievous, and distressful.

And what was the result of all this? His soul remembered the pain. He was bombarded by the fear at every turn. He couldn’t get away from the memories. His soul was crushed.

So, what did he do? Lamentations 3:21 tells us, “But this I call to mind, and therefore I have hope.” What did he call to mind? What did he choose to bring his thoughts and attention back to? What truth did he fill his mind with over and over? What did he meditate on?

These words: “The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness” (Lamentations 3:22-23).

As Jeremiah turned his mind back to truth, it instilled hope in his soul. It anchored his mind and heart to the goodness of God even in the midst of great pain. This is what biblical mediation can do in your life as well.


How would you describe the difference in Jeremiah’s feelings and thoughts before he meditated on biblical truth and afterward?

Where have you lost hope in your life? What words of Scripture might you need to call to mind and meditate on?