Biblical Meditation Defined

One practice that anchored Jesus’ ministry is mediation of Scripture. It infused his soul with courage and strength and enabled Him to exhibit the fruit of loving obedience in very demanding circumstances. This is the picture Psalm 1 gives us of a person who mediates on God’s Word day and night.

Biblical meditation is more than just reading Scripture or having a quiet time. Here is a simple definition of meditation that will help us think about the depth of its meaning.

Thinking Scripture in the context of your life and talking to God about it.

Biblical Meditation requires an interaction with Scripture alongside the real events of daily life. It’s taking time to understand the words of Scripture and its implications for life. It’s becoming so familiar with them that they fill your mind and your heart moment by moment.

Biblical mediation leads you to talk to God in an open and honest way about the biblical truth related to your circumstances of life. In this way, it leads you into relationship with the God who desires to strengthen and encourage and heal you deep within. He desires to do in you and for you what you never can.

Biblical meditation leads you to know God better and trust Him more. It’s not just an academic exercise. It connects you in a very personal and individual way to the lover of your soul.

It will take time. It will take slowing down in order to think and to listen. But it will enable your soul to be anchored and fruit to develop in your life as it did in Jesus’.


Why do you think Jesus might have meditated on Scripture? How would it have helped Him?

How might biblical mediation help you in your life today?

Read Psalm 1:1-3. Think about how biblical mediation nourishes your soul. What wonder does this stir in your heart?