Slowing Down

Finding enjoyment in anything – food, relationship, hobbies, nature, God and His Word – requires time and attention. You don’t enjoy food you scarf down; you enjoy what you savor. You can’t enjoy depth of relationship with someone you only see in passing. The beauty of life is often missed if you don’t slow down and take time to notice it.

The same thing is true of experiencing wonder. You can’t wonder at what you don’t notice. Both finding enjoyment and experiencing wonder require slowing down.

In today’s world this requires intentionality. Our lives generally move at a rapid pace. We tend to overschedule instead of planning times to sit and contemplate or think deeply. We want to stay busy and avoid the work of tending to our souls.

As you move through today’s content, you’ll have the chance to assess where you are, consider Jesus’ life, and explore one practice designed to help you slow down and enjoy God’s Word more. Ask God to guide you specifically to changes you need to make in your current season of life.