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Many in Christian organisations desire to serve the Lord with their best but struggle with insecurities and their picture of who God is and what He thinks of them. Having worked with Carol, Harry and Wendy on a major leadership development project, I know their hearts' desire is for every Christian leader to find their identity and motivation, not in what they do for Jesus or what impressive statistics they produce, but alone in what Christ has already done for them. I warmly recommend these resources. I am confident they will help you assess your own walk with God and as a result, lead you to know true intimacy with God and be effective in your leadership of others.
Gary Cousins
Operations Director - Acts 29 | Europe
I was privileged to hear teaching on the topic of intimacy with God in early 2015. Since then, I can confidently say that intimacy with God has become the core of my walk with the Lord. To be taught that the key is not about what I can do and how I can serve but rather deepening my intimacy with God has been revolutionary and transformational and has been a path of healing from ministry burn-out in 2014. I am now flourishing in ministry and able to share these ideas with those I minister to. If you find that you are struggling spiritually, come get watered by these courses on intimacy with God!
Ruth Chia
Children Ministry Director | Charlotte USA