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Time. Most of us feel like there is never enough. Oftentimes in ministry, it can feel like time is never our own as there are outside requests and needs constantly coming at us. But the truth is that we are still responsible for being good stewards of the time God has given. Stewarding our time well means identifying what is most important and then actually doing those things. As you go through the course you will

  • Identify the current priorities in your life based on your actual schedule
  • Consider what priorities are most important for you at this point in life and ministry
  • Reflect on motivations that cause you to do what you do
  • Plan your top priorities into your schedule
  • Practice putting first things first and refining your plan

Additional Course Info:

Does this course require assignments to be submitted?

No. This course is setup for you to move through on your own. There are reflection questions throughout to help you personalize and apply the ideas. Links to outside articles and ideas are also included for further study, but no assignments are required.

Will I meet with others online at any point in this course?

This course is not setup to interact with other participants or mentors, There are no shared meetings or calls, The course facilitator is always available for contact if needed along the way.

How will this course help me?

This course will enable you identify your top priorities in this season of life. It will provide opportunity for you to assess how your priorities are seen in your current schedule, and what needs to change in order to carry out what is most important. You will also be challenged to discover how putting God first enables you to carry out your other top priorities.

How long does it take to complete this course?

This course is self-paced, so you can move through it at your own pace based on your own schedule. Content chunks can be completed in about ten minutes. Each day’s content could be completed in about twenty minutes depending on how long you take to reflect and journal your thoughts along the way.

Is this course offered in any other format?

No. This course is a new course designed for this online environment. It is not offered in our face to face trainings or conferences.

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